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Below is a list of citations of original articles pertaining to research that was conducted as part of the Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery.
Please click on the title to see more information about the article, read its abstract, and link to the article’s record in PubMed.

In January 2015, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation adopted an Open Access policy that enables the unrestricted access and reuse of all peer-
reviewed published research funded, in whole or in part, by the foundation, including any underlying data sets. The action stems from the
commitment to information sharing and transparency.
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A multiclade env-gag VLP mRNA vaccine elicits tier-2 HIV-1-neutralizing antibodies and reduces the risk of heterologous SHIV infection in macaquesZhang, PNature Medicine202112/9/202134887575Link to full-text
Sequential immunization of macaques elicits heterologous neutralizing antibodies targeting the V-3 glycan patch of HIV-1 Env. Escolano, A. Science Translational Medicine202111/24/202134818054Link to full-text
ADCC-mediating non-neutralizing antibodies can exert immune pressure in early HIV-1 infection. Mielke, D.PLoS Pathogens202111/17/202134788337Link to full-text
Selection of HIV Envelope strains for standardized assessments of vaccine-elicited antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC)-mediating antibodies. Mielke, D., & Stanfield-Oakley, S.Journal of Virology202111/3/202134730393
Diverse antiviral IgG effector activities are predicted by unique biophysical antibody features. Cheng, H.D. Retrovirology 202110/30/202134717659Link to full-text
Antibody elicited by HIV-1 immunogen vaccination in macaques displaces Env fusion peptide and destroys a neutralizing epitope. Abernathy, M.E.NPJ Vaccines202110/25/202134697307Link to full-text
Safety, pharmacokinetics and antiviral activity of PGT121, a broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibody against HIV-1: a randomized, placebo-controlled, phase 1 clinical trial. Stephenson, K.E. and Julg, B.Nature Medicine202110/7/202134621054Link to full-text
Validation of a triplex pharmacokinetic assay for simultaneous quantitation of HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibodies PGT121, PGDM1400, and VRC07-523-LS. Wesley, M.S.Frontiers in Immunology20218/24/202134504492Link to full-text
Broadly neutralizing antibodies for HIV-1 prevention. Walsh, S.R.Frontiers in Immunology20217/20/202134354713Link to full-text
Rational engraftment of quaternary-interactive acidic loops for anti-HIV-1 antibody improvement. Liu, Q. Journal of Virology20215/24/202133827946Link to full-text
Distinct clonal evolution of B-cells in HIV controllers with neutralizing antibody breadth. Cizmeci, D. Elife20214/12/202133843586Link to full-text
New SHIVs and Improved Design Strategy for Modeling HIV-1 Transmission, 2Immunopathogenesis, Prevention and CureLi HJournal of Virology20213/3/202133658341Link to full-text
Recombinant MVA-prime elicits neutralizing antibody responses by inducing antigen-specific B cells in the germinal centerEslamizar LNature Research Journals20211/25/202133495459Link to full-text
Recapitulation of HIV-1 Env-antibody coevolution in macaques leading to neutralization breadthRoark, RSScience20211/8/202133214287Link to full-text
Neutralizing activity of broadly neutralizing anti-HIV-1 antibodies against primary African isolates. Lorenzi, J.C.C.Journal of Virology202012/9/202033298542Link to full-text
Cross-neutralization of a SARS-CoV-2 antibody to a functionally conserved site is mediated by avidity.Liu, HScience Direct202012/1/2020PMIDLink to full-text
Neutralizing antibody responses induced by HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein SOSIP trimers derived from elite neutralizersSchorcht AJournal of Virology 11/23/202032999024Link to full-text
Visualization of the HIV-1 Env glycan shield across scalesBerndsen ZTProc Natl Acad Sci U S A202011/20/202033093196Link to full-text
Two-component spike nanoparticle vaccine protects macaques from SARS-CoV-2 infection.Philip J. M. BrouwerCell202011/7/2020PMIDLink to full-text
A broadly neutralizing macaque monoclonal antibody against the HIV-1 V3-glycan patch. Wang ZeLife202010/21/202033084569Link to full-text
An Alternative Binding Mode of IGHV3-53 Antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 Receptor Binding DomainTom G. CanielsCell reports202010/20/202013619888Link to full-text
Mapping Neutralizing Antibody Epitope Specificities to an HIV Env Trimer in Immunized and in Infected Rhesus MacaquesZhao, FCell Reports20209/8/20202905766Link to full-text
SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Transmission Depends on Heparan Sulfates and Is Blocked by Low Molecular Weight HeparinsBermejo-Jambrina MCell20208/18/2020PMIDLink to full-text
Potent neutralizing antibodies from COVID-19 patients define multiple targets of vulnerabilityPhilip J. M. BrouwerScience20208/7/202013161898Link to full-text
Networks of HIV-1 Envelope Glycans Maintain Antibody Epitopes in the Face of Glycan Additions and DeletionsMarit J. van GilsStructure (London, England20208/4/202011924992Link to full-text
Tailored design of protein nanoparticle scaffolds for multivalent presentation of viral glycoprotein antigensPhilip J. M. BrouwereLife20208/4/202012692059Link to full-text
Mapping the immunogenic landscape of near-native HIV-1 envelope trimers in non-human primatesJelle van SchootenPLoS pathogens20208/1/202013277733Link to full-text
Structural and functional evaluation of de novo-designed, two-component nanoparticle carriers for HIV Env trimer immunogensPhilip J. M. BrouwerPLoS pathogens20208/1/202012775937Link to full-text
Characterization of co-formulated high-concentration broadly neutralizing anti-HIV-1 monoclonal antibodies for subcutaneous administration. Sharma, V.K.Antibodies 20207/29/202032751063Link to full-text
Optimal priming of poxvirus vector (NYNAC)-based HIV vaccine regimens for T cell responses requires three DNA injections. Results of the randomized multicenter EV03/ANRS VAC20 Phase I/II trial. Levy, Y. PLoS Pathogens 20206/26/202032589686Link to full-text
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