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​​​​​​​CAVD Legal Agreements

The CAVD Data and Material Sharing Agreement

An essential feature of the CAVD is the set of legal agreements that lay the foundation for a common framework and understanding among the collaborators around data-sharing and materials-sharing with the intent of facilitating scientific collaboration in support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Access objectives. The foundation is committed to the notion that efficient data and material exchange within and among the CAVD consortia, and prompt dissemination of CAVD findings and materials to the broader scientific community, will greatly advance the development of a safe and effective HIV vaccine. The foundation also believes that projects funded by it should be conducted and managed in a manner that enables accessibility to CAVD discoveries for the benefit of people in developing countries most in need of them. This two-fold commitment is referred to as the Global Access Policy—an integral aspect of the foundation’s grant-making activities and philosophy to ensure that projects are funded for the purpose of ultimately developing an intended health solution for the benefit of those who need it most, and not only to advance science.

Towards this end, the CAVD developed an inter-consortia Data and Material Sharing Agreement (DMSA) that describes the principles under which the CAVD members share data and materials between the various consortia. The CAVD also prepared language for use in institutional Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) that provides terms and conditions for sharing materials among and between consortia in a manner that takes into account the objectives of the DMSA. These principles of the DMSA (and the related MTA language) further the Global Access objectives by establishing guidelines that facilitate the prompt and widespread sharing of data and other vaccine-related scientific information across the CAVD and more broadly with the scientific community. 


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