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The Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery (CAVD) is an international network of scientists and experts dedicated to designing a variety of novel HIV vaccine candidates and advancing the most promising candidates to clinical trials.

The CAVD operates on the principle that accelerating progress toward an AIDS vaccine requires the creativity of individual investigators supported by a collaborative approach that emphasizes the sharing of scientific information and the standardization of laboratory techniques and data analysis.

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Newly Available Publications

Below is a list of newly available publications, reporting research that received support under a CAVD grant. These articles have either appeared in print or are available as early release at a journal website. CAVD funding requires that all publications appear under Open Access terms, and are freely available without charge.
Please click on the title to see more information about the article, read its abstract, and link to the article’s record in PubMed.

For the full list of publications, click the following link.

Induction of cross-reactive HIV-1 specific antibody responses by engineered V1V2 immunogens with reduced conformational plasticityLai, J.I.Vaccine3/16/2020Link to full-text
Engagement of monocytes, NK cells, and CD4+ Th1 cells by ALVAC-SIV vaccination results in a decreased risk of SIVmac251 vaginal acquisitionGorini GiacomoPlos Pathogens3/12/2020Link to full-text
Implementation of a three-tiered approach to identify and characterize anti-drug antibodies raised against HIV-specific broadly neutralizing antibodies. Bharadwaj, P.Journal of Immunological Methods 2/15/2020Link to full-text

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Progress Report Summaries

Summaries of the annual and interim progress reports from the grants of 23 CAVD consortia are available at the link below. These summaries provide information on the important scientific progress being made by the CAVD researchers.

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