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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​13th Annual CAVD Meeting

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​December 4 - 6, 2018

For meeting information, please contact the CAVD Alliance Manager

AckermanAlter OPP1032817 Leveraging Antibody Effector Function
Alt OPP1175860 Relevant and Rapidly Generated HIV-1 Vaccine Mouse Models
Alter OPP1097381 A Genetic Approach to Optimizing the Antigenicity of HIV-1 Envelope
Alter OPP1114729 Signatures of Antibody Responses that Correlate with Protection to Develop Down-Selection Criteria to Guide Vaccine Candidate Selection
Baker OPP1111932 Nearest Neighbor Proposal
Barouch OPP1107669 Therapeutic Efficacy of Potent Broadly Neutralizing mAbs for HIV-1 Eradication
Barouch OPP1169339 Epitope Modified Env Trimers
Batista OPP1185467 Accelerating Vaccine Design through Interrogation of Physiologically Relevant Mouse Models
Busch OPP1115400 Assays for HIV Persistence
Corey OPP1148133 Support for HVTN 702
Crotty OPP1203211 Improving the identification of epitope-specific precursor naive B cells in the human B cell repertoire
Farzan OPP1132169 eCD4ig
Feinberg OPP1084519 IAVI Neutralizing Antibody Consortium
Gallo OPP1017606 FLSC Phase I II Clinical Trials
Gottardo OPP1151646 Vaccine Immunology Statistical Center
Hassell OPP1147661 Vaccine Product Development Center - GMP Manufacturing, Toxicology, and Clinical Data Management
Hassell OPP1153692 Vaccine Product Development Center
Haynes OPP1094352 MPER-Peptide Liposome Immunogen Testing
Haynes OPP1154951 Protein Production Facility
Haynes OPP52282 Centralized Envelope Phase I Study
Ho OPP1040731 Engineered Bispecific bNabs for Prevention
Ho OPP1169162 First in human clinical evaluation of 10E8.4-iMab, a potent and broad bispecific antibody against HIV
Johnson OPP1110661 Singel Cell Transcriptomics
Jolicoeur OPP1146356 A new class of immunogens for raising broadly neutralizing antibodies
Kamarck OPP1187970 Clinical Assessment of hCMV-HIV Prototype Vector
Kay OPP1154293 NHP Evaluation of New AAV Vectors
Koup OPP1032325 Comprehensive Cellular Vaccine Immune Monitoring Consortium
Kublin 1088039 HIV Vaccine Trials Site Development for the P5 Program
Kublin OPP1110792 HVTN_100
Kublin OPP1165951 HVTN 705 Phase 2b efficacy trial of Ad26 and gp140
Lewis OPP1033109 Ab Specificity and Fc-Mediated Protection
Masopust OPP1116224 Vaccination for prevention of HIV
McElrath OPP1107954 Durability of Ab Response
McMichael OPP11133649 HLA-E Restriction
Montefiori OPP1146996 Antibody Vaccine Immune Monitoring Consortium
Moore OPP1132237 BG505 SOSIP664 Trimer HIV Vaccines
Nussenzweig OPP1033115 Isolation of Human Monoclonal Abs for HIV Prevention
Nussenzweig OPP1092074 Clinical Trial of Broadly Neutralizing anti-HIV Antibodies
Nussenzweig OPP1124068 bnAb Development
Nussenzweig OPP1168933 Phase 1 studies of the pharmacokinetics, safety, and bioactivity of 3BNC117-LS and 10-1074-LS among adults in the US and sub-Saharan Africa
Pantaleo OPP1040705 RepliVax Vaccine Platform
Pantaleo OPP1114725 Generation-Isolation of Novel bnAbs from Lymph Node B cells
Pantaleo OPP1190237 Optimization of the LN02 Anti-HIV Broadly Neutralizing Antibody
Pantaleo OPP38599 OPP52845 Poxvirus-Based Vaccine Development
Parks OPP1148476 HIV Vaccine Clinical Candidates
Parks OPP1152832 HIV Vaccine Clinical Candidates
Pettit OPP1138851 Just Biotherapeutics
Picker OPP1107409 Development of CVM Vector Based Vaccine
Picker OPP1108533 MHC II, E CD8+ T Cells HIV Control of HIV
Pulendran OPP1040768 Protective humoral responses against HIV
Reinherz OPP1108179 HIV clade C MPER Immunogens
Shattock OPP1084580 DNA Vaccination for HIV Immunogen Discovery
Shaw OPP1145046 Novel SHIV Design to Elicit Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies and Guide Iterative Vaccine Development
Überla OPP1040727 Antibodies without HIV T helper cells
Walker OPP1066973 bnAbs after Infection and Immunization
Walker OPP1146433 Implications for vaccine design from T and B cell mechanisms of HIV control
Ward OPP1115782 Analytics Network for Env Immunogen Characterization
Watson OPP1147797 mRNA Encoded Abs for HIV Prophylaxis
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