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Below is a list of citations of original articles pertaining to research that was conducted as part of the Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery.
Please click on the title to see more information about the article, read its abstract, and link to the article’s record in PubMed.

In January 2015, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation adopted an Open Access policy that enables the unrestricted access and reuse of all peer-
reviewed published research funded, in whole or in part, by the foundation, including any underlying data sets. The action stems from the
commitment to information sharing and transparency.
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Systems serology for decoding infection and vaccine-induced antibody responses to HIV-1.Pittala, S.Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS20197/1/201931033729Link to full-text
Myeloid Cell Crosstalk Regulates the Efficacy of the DNA/ALVAC/gp120 HIV Vaccine Candidate.Vaccari MFrontiers in Immunology20195/14/201931139193Link to full-text
Antibody Fab-Fc properties outperform titer in predictive models of SIV vaccine-induced protectionPittala SMolecular Systems Biology20195/2/201931048360Link to full-text
Conservation of molecular and cellular phenotypes of invariant NKT cells between humans and non-human primatesYu KImmunogenetics20194/30/201931123763Link to full-text
The HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein C3/V4 Region Defines a Prevalent Neutralization Epitope following ImmunizationLei LCell Reports20194/29/2019Link to full-text
Assessing intra-lab precision and inter-lab repeatability of outgrowth assays of HIV-1 latent reservoir sizeDaniel I. S. RosenbloomPLOS Computational Biology20194/12/201930978183Link to full-text
Rational Design and in vivo Selection of SHIVs Encoding Transmitted/Founder Subtype C HIV-1 EnvelopesO’Brien, SPPLOS Pathhogens 20194/3/201930943274Link to full-text
Adeno-associated virus vectored immunoprophylaxis to prevent HIV in healthy adults: a phase 1 randomised controlled trialPriddy FHLancet HIV20193/15/201930885692Link to full-text
Integrated systems approach defines the antiviral pathways conferring protection by the RV144 HIV vaccineFourati SNature Communications 20192/20/201930787294Link to full-text
Capturing the inherent structural dynamics of the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein fusion peptideKumar SNature Communications20192/15/2019Link to full-text
Developability assessment of physicochemical properties and stability profiles of HIV-1 BG505 SOSIP.664 and BG505 SOSIP.v4.1-GT1.1 gp140 envelope glycoprotein trimers as candidate vaccine antigensWhitaiker NJournal of Pharmaceutical Sciences20192/15/201930776383Link to full-text
Stabilization of the V2 loop improves the presentation of V2 loop-associated broadly neutralizing antibody epitopes on HIV-1 envelope Taeye SWJournal of Biological Chemistry20192/6/201930728245Link to full-text
Closing and Opening Holes in the Glycan Shield of HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein SOSIP Trimers Can Redirect the Neutralizing Antibody Response to the Newly Unmasked Epitopes.Ringe RJournal of Virology20192/5/201930487280Link to full-text
OMIP‐052: An 18‐Color Panel for Measuring Th1, Th2, Th17, and Tfh Responses in Rhesus MacaquesDonaldson MCytometry OMIP20191/25/201930681265Link to full-text
Vaccine-induced protection from homologous tier 2 SHIV challenge in nonhuman primates depends on serum-neutralizing antibody titersPauthner, MGImmunity 20191/15/201930552025 Link to full-text
HIV-1 Neutralizing Antibody Signatures and Application to Epitope-Targeted Vaccine DesignBricault CAHIV-1 Neutralizing Antibody Signatures and Application to Epitope-Targeted Vaccine Design20191/9/2019Link to full-text
Priming with a Potent HIV-1 DNA Vaccine Frames the Quality of Immune Responses prior to a Poxvirus and Protein Boost.Asbach BJournal of Virology20191/6/201930429343Link to full-text
Replication-Competent NYVAC-KC Yields Improved Immunogenicity to HIV-1 Antigens in Rhesus Macaques Compared to Nonreplicating NYVAC.Kibler KVJournal of Virology20191/6/201930429340Link to full-text
Inference of the HIV-1 VRC01 Antibody Lineage Unmutated Common Ancestor Reveals Alternative Pathways to Overcome a Key Glycan Barrier.Bonsignori, MattiaScience Direct201812/18/201830552024Link to full-text
CytoML for Cross-Platform Cytometry Data SharingFinak GCytometry A201812/14/201830551257 Link to full-text
OMIP-051 - 28-color flow cytometry panel to characterize B cells and myeloid cells.Liechti TCytometry OMIP201812/14/201830549419 Link to full-text
Editorial: Lymph Node T Cell Dynamics and Novel Strategies for HIV CurePetrovas CFrontier Immunology201812/12/201830619310Link to full-text
Vaccine-Induced Protection from Homologous Tier 2 SHIV Challenge in Nonhuman Primates Depends on Serum-Neutralizing Antibody TitersPauthner MGImmunity201812/11/201830552025Link to full-text
Adapting the chemical unfolding assay for high-throughput protein screening using experimental and spectroscopic corrections.Floyd JAAnalytical Biochemistry201812/1/2018PMC6226613 Link to full-text
Coformulation of Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies 3BNC117 and PGT121: Analytical Challenges During Preformulation Characterization and Storage Stability Studies.Patel AJournal of Pharmaceutical Sciences201812/1/2018PMC6269598 Link to full-text
HIV-1 vaccine design through minimizing envelope metastability.He LScience Advances201811/21/2018Link to full-text
ggCyto: Next Generation Open-Source Visualization Software for CytometryVan PBioinformatics201811/15/20189868771Link to full-text
"Enhancing Humoral Responses Against HIV Envelope Trimers via Nanoparticle Delivery with Stabilized Synthetic Liposomes"Tokatlian TScientific Reports201811/8/2018Link to full-text
HIV-1 envelope glycan modifications that permit neutralization by germline-reverted VRC01-class broadly neutralizing antibodies. LaBranche, C.C. PLoS Pathogens 201811/5/201830395637Link to full-text
Baseline Circulating Activated TFH and Tissue-Like Exhausted B Cells Negatively Correlate With Meningococcal C Conjugate Vaccine Induced Antibodies in HIV-Infected Individuals.Milagres LFrontier Immunology201810/29/201830420858Link to full-text
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