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Below is a list of citations of original articles pertaining to research that was conducted as part of the Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery.
Please click on the title to see more information about the article, read its abstract, and link to the article’s record in PubMed.

In January 2015, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation adopted an Open Access policy that enables the unrestricted access and reuse of all peer-
reviewed published research funded, in whole or in part, by the foundation, including any underlying data sets. The action stems from the
commitment to information sharing and transparency.
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Implementation of a three-tiered approach to identify and characterize anti-drug antibodies raised against HIV-specific broadly neutralizing antibodies. Bharadwaj, P.Journal of Immunological Methods 20202/15/202032070674Link to full-text
Restriction of HIV-1 escape by a highly broad and potent neutralizing antibody. NewSchommers, P.Cell20202/6/202032004464Link to full-text
Optimization and qualification of a functional anti-drug antibody assay for HIV-1 bnAbsSeaman, M.S. Journal of Immunological Methods 20201/7/202031917969 Link to full-text
Phase 1 HIV vaccine trial to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of HIV subtype C DNA and MF59-adjuvanted subtype C Env proteinHosseinipour, MClinical Infectious Diseases20201/4/202031900486 Link to full-text
Expression of CD40L by the ALVAC -SIV vector abrogates T cell responses in macaquesSilva de Castro IJournal of Virology20201/2/202031896599Link to full-text
Antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC)-mediating antibodies constrain neutralizing antibody escape pathway. Mielke, D. Frontiers in Immunology201912/11/201931921139Link to full-text
An MPER antibody neutralizes HIV-1 using germline features shared among donorsZhang LNature Communications201911/26/201931772165Link to full-text
Vaccination with Glycan-Modified HIV NFL Envelope Trimer-Liposomes Elicits Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies to Multiple Sites of Vulnerability.Dubrovskaya VImmunity201911/19/201931732167Link to full-text
Structural basis for broad HIV-1 neutralization by a novel MPER-specific human broadly neutralizing antibody. Pinto, D. Cell Host & Microbe201911/13/201931653484Link to full-text
A generalized HIV vaccine design strategy for priming of broadly neutralizing antibody responsesSteichen JMScience201910/31/201931672916Link to full-text
Neutralization-guided design of HIV-1 envelope trimers with high affinity for unmutated common ancestor of the CH235 lineage of CD4 binding site broadly neutralizing antibodies. LaBranche, C.C. PLoS Pathogens20199/17/201931527908Link to full-text
Enhancing and shaping the immunogenicity of native-like HIV-1 envelope trimers with a two-component protein nanoparticlePJM. BrouwerNature Communications20199/9/2019PMC6753213Link to full-text
Rapid and Focused Maturation of a VRC01-Class HIV Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Lineage Involves Both Binding and Accommodation of the N276-GlycanUmotoy JImmunity20197/16/201931315032Link to full-text
Similarities and differences between native HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein trimers and stabilized soluble trimer mimeticsTorrents de la Peña APLoS Pathogens20197/15/201931306470Link to full-text
Systems serology for decoding infection and vaccine-induced antibody responses to HIV-1.Pittala, S.Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS20197/1/201931033729Link to full-text
Conformational Plasticity in the HIV-1 Fusion Peptide Facilitates Recognition by Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies.Yuan MCell Host & Microbe20196/12/2019PMC6579543Link to full-text
Conformational Plasticity in the HIV-1 Fusion Peptide Facilitates Recognition by Broadly Neutralizing AntibodiesYuan MCell Host and Microbe20196/12/201931194940Link to full-text
Protein and Glycan Mimicry in HIV Vaccine DesignSeabright GEJournal of Molecular Biology20195/31/201931028779Link to full-text
Structure and immunogenicity of a stabilized HIV-1 envelope trimer based on a group-M consensus sequence.Kwinten SliepenNature Communication20195/29/2019PMC6541627Link to full-text
The Chimpanzee SIV Envelope Trimer: Structure and Deployment as an HIV Vaccine TemplateAndrabi RCell Reports20195/21/201931116986Link to full-text
Exploitation of glycosylation in enveloped virus pathobiologyWatanabe YBiochimica et Biophysica Acta20195/20/201931121217Link to full-text
Myeloid Cell Crosstalk Regulates the Efficacy of the DNA/ALVAC/gp120 HIV Vaccine Candidate.Vaccari MFrontiers in Immunology20195/14/201931139193Link to full-text
Antibody Fab-Fc properties outperform titer in predictive models of SIV vaccine-induced protectionPittala SMolecular Systems Biology20195/2/201931048360Link to full-text
Conservation of molecular and cellular phenotypes of invariant NKT cells between humans and non-human primatesYu KImmunogenetics20194/30/201931123763Link to full-text
The HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein C3/V4 Region Defines a Prevalent Neutralization Epitope following ImmunizationLei LCell Reports20194/29/2019Link to full-text
Antigen-Specific Single B Cell Sorting and Monoclonal Antibody Cloning in Guinea PigsLei LFrontiers in Microbiology20194/29/201931065249Link to full-text
Assessing intra-lab precision and inter-lab repeatability of outgrowth assays of HIV-1 latent reservoir sizeDaniel I. S. RosenbloomPLOS Computational Biology20194/12/201930978183Link to full-text
The HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein C3/V4 Region Defines a Prevalent Neutralization Epitope following Immunization.Lei LCell Reports20194/9/201930970260Link to full-text
Rational Design and in vivo Selection of SHIVs Encoding Transmitted/Founder Subtype C HIV-1 EnvelopesO’Brien, SPPLOS Pathhogens 20194/3/201930943274Link to full-text
Adeno-associated virus vectored immunoprophylaxis to prevent HIV in healthy adults: a phase 1 randomised controlled trialPriddy FHLancet HIV20193/15/201930885692Link to full-text
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